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48 Years of Political Analysis

With kokhaviv publications and kokhaviv press, we are maintaining a database of more than 48 years of political analysis and insight from a truly unique point of view of Jewish-German thinking and under a broad range of synonyms; accompanying the political left from the beginning and the origins of the 68-movement and the green party, as well as an in-depth critique and discussion with the political right and revisionism, also, war and revolution and the foundations and implications of Islam in Europe in present times.

The archives consist of the kuckuck-Vierteljahreshefte (quarterly) and its successor "projekt YISHMAEL" covering the time between 1973 and 1999, as well as more than 1600 articles and essays on various topics between the years of 1962 and 2010, their perspective being rooted in politics, war, & peace, its implications, and analysis, often predicting developments years in advance. The collection is backed up by an archive of more than 6000 documents as source material.

Topics include:

  • Developments in Nazi-Germany, their background and implications for and connections to post-war Germany
  • A broad documentation & analysis of the Reichstag fire in 1933
  • Unique documents pertaining to the Holocaust & the struggle against it
  • The origins of antisemitism
  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, its roots and reality with reports from Israel, as well as the geo-political environment
  • Jews and Germans between democracy and fundamentalism
  • Arab antisemitism
  • Psychological warfare in Germany in the 1960s & 70s
  • A treatment of revisionism in Germany including an in-depth discussion with key-figues of the German right
  • The philosophy of the Torah and the foundations of a "fundamentalism of enlightenment"
  • Islam & democracy
  • The theory of "Torah-Left" and the foundations of Euro-Islam
  • Structural & religious genocide
  • Eco-fascism
  • Permanent revolution
  • The implications of Sept. 11th
  • The wars in Afghanistan & Iraq
  • The "crusade" against Islam
  • New antagonisms in "New Europe"
  • Organized crime
  • Information warfare & the surveillance state
  • The alternation between the tribe and the individual
  • Freedom of speech and the freedom of press

kokhaviv press

kokhaviv press published and organized most of the material from the kuckuck period of 1973 to 1999, with later works being in the planning stages.

Tangible research materials include a collection of books, mainly the series Horst Lummert in kuckuck in 11 volumes as well as a 7 volume series of books curated from articles first-published online at kokhaviv publications. A few numbers of old kuckuck issues are also available in their original form.


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